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Adult Onesie

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In this article we will discuss about adult onesie. Initially made popular in the 1970's, onesies trend is now coming back again recently. Some celebrities even also endorse and wear the adult onesies. It seems that this famous one-piece pajama is now not just belonging to the babies anymore. It is not unusual to see adults wearing onesies today, even on the streets.

Onesies are not just for babies and children anymore. As a matter of fact, many parents are now shopping for onesies for their toddlers and even teenagers. Many adults have even returned to this comfortable sleepwear option. Some do because they remember how comfortable these pyjamas feel and some just do because they see their children sleeping comfortably through the night warmly thanks to onesie. Whatever the reason is, adult onesie is really an option you can consider when choosing a comfortable clothing for yourself.

Adult onesies used to be very popular at one time and are quickly gaining in popularity once again. These one-piece pajamas will keep you so snuggly warm on those cold winter nights. The non-skid material on the feet will keep you safe from any slippery wood or vinyl floors.

Adult onesies come in a variety of materials which also determines their level of comfort and also price. This includes:

  • Cotton
  • Chenille
  • Fleece

Onesies generally come in several different fabrics like cotton and fleece and have a long zipper mostly in nylon so you would not feel anything cold brush against your skin. For most of them, you can also remove the feet part and put on a pair of shoes if you are wearing the onesie outside of the house. The newest and most comfortable option is the cozy chenille adult onesies. This is the biggest seller especially for female demographic. Men seem to prefer something a little lighter in weight. For those who want to stay warm through the night without getting overheated, cotton or fleece would be a good choice.

Onesies for adults also have many different options and themes available. While men prefer a more classic theme, ladies tend to spice up their selection in colors and styles. The popular military onesies theme is another great option if you want to have something more unique, cool and different; while maintaining a classic look.

Other variety of styles and themes are also widely available:

  • American
  • Animals
  • Camouflage
  • Character
  • Classic
  • Disney
  • Drop Seat
  • Hooded
  • Military

And many more options.

While the adult onesies are comfortable to sleep in, there are also other uses for them as well.

You can create a costume from an adult onesie. In fact, it is not that hard at all and you would probably be surprised at how professional the costume can look. For example, you can add colorful butterfly wings to the onesie, slip a pair of antennas on your head and you could have a perfect costume. Or you could also put on a pink onesie, and add a tutu. You could also put a crown on your head, hold a scepter, and voila; you are a king. If you love martial arts you can put on a black adult onesie and maybe a red sash around your waist and also your head. You can also wear just about any color onesies, add a tail and whiskers, and you have a cat costume. Or maybe add a cape and you are a superhero. The possibilities are limitless. And you would also a good time imagining and creating unusual costumes from the adult onesies. Just let your imagination and creative juice flows.

You can also buy a onesie as a gift for your friends, families or your special someone. Some people also buy a pair of adult onesies as gift for couples. This mostly come in matching colors / themes / patterns. This is also especially perfect gift for newborn babies and their mom. You could buy a matching adult and baby onesies, in pink color for example, for both the mum and the bub. Or maybe a blue one if the mother just had a baby boy. For friends or family members who love pets, you can even find many styles of onesies for these cute puppies and kittens. There are also onesies in camouflage pattern or leopard stripes. And of course the kids favorite, animal themes. You can find animal onesies such as dragon, giraffe, monkey etc.

So as we can see, adult onesies are not merely worn just for sleeping. If you browse around onesies online store on the Internet, you will certainly find a pair of adult onesie that will fit your need. It could be a costume, a special gift, or even just a pajama to keep your body warm on a chilly night.

Whatever the options, materials, themes or styles that you need for an adult onesie, you could almost always find it from an online retailer such as Onesies Central. Make sure to check the quality of the onesie when you shop online and not just price, because it is very easy to shop for cheaper onesies online and then later regret it because of their poor quality.