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Animal Onesies

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So what are animal onesies? Whether it is for Christmas, Halloween or birthday, the events today are turning into a costume party because people believe that wearing costumes will catch the attention of the audience, and the party will be livelier. However, you do not need to project another person’s image because by wearing an animal onesie you can solve your entertainment problems with an animalistic look.

What are Animal Onesies?

Onesies are basically costumes normally worn by infants that cover the whole body. Often we see babies wearing these sweet costumes which bear a resemblance to animals. These are designed for newborns, but today it has been used by adults in competitions or parties. They are regular attires in animal designs meant for infants, children and adults. They come with zippers and buttons, and are loose fitting. They are also used for cold seasons.The face comes with a mask and hood to appear a lifelike animal.If you want to appear a more lifelike creature, you can also obtain a separate animal mask and remove the hood.

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Materials Used

Rubberized materials are used for the foot part to prevent from slippery. While these garb come in different materials, fleece and flannel are the 2 most common materials used. People prefer flannel because it does not lose easily and after several washes, it softens. Fleece, on the other hand, feels more comfortable, but the major setback is the falling of the hairs.

Advantages of Animal Onesies

Animal onesies are the perfect way to dress up. They are comfortable, casual and allow you to loosen up while being cool. The best part about adult animal costume is the fact that it fits perfectly without further adjustments. So, if you are tired of those tight costumes, why not stand and put them on. Besides, they are colorful, bright and can add cheerfulness!

There are lots of designs to choose from. Choosing what animal onesies to wear may be tough because they can be found in different colors, textures, patterns and designs. Whatever you pick, make sure it matches your personality, and should go with the mood. If want to look good, find the one that suits your personal preference. It relies heavily on your decision.

  • For Birthday Party

Unlike other holiday seasons, birthday is personalized as it depends heavily on the personal preference of the birthday celebrant. The most common animal for children’s parties are related to Disney or cartoon characters like Barney the dragon, and many more. For adult parties, gorilla costume works best it appears fun and strong. Animal onesies aren’t similar to mascots because they are designed for better movement. Mascots appear huge and hide the person's face. A person who works as a mascot should drink more from excessive sweating.

  • For Typical Days

When it comes to typical days, dogs take the limelight because they are man's best friends. Therefore, does not need holidays and special events since they are loved by most people.

  • For Halloween Party

Children know many things about Halloween parties. Remember, they are mature enough to understand the event, but young enough to experience. Animals are always an adorable and safe way to go. Halloween party is not just about wearing vampire attires, but it is also about dressing up wild animals, such as deer, bear, fox, tiger and lions. Tiger is the most favorite among adults, while deer is popular among teenagers. Animal onesies are of several types, therefore you need to find something that suits you best for Halloween.

  • For Evening Party

Most participants of evening parties are usually adults, therefore the attires are sexy.Due to the popularity and the creation of the Playboy magazine, people viewed bunnies in a different way. The bunny is definitely cuddly, at the same time sexy. Bunny onesie is different from naughty bunny attire with stocking and leotards you once known. It usually comes with a heart tail and pink tummy.

The good thing about animal onesies is the fact that they remain trendy in time. If kept and maintained well, they will last for years. So, they will be your long term investment. Choose the ones that you like best.Forget all your boring attires and replace them with this trendy apparel to stand out from the crowd.