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Baby Onesies

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Buzzfeed staff member, Mike Spohr, posted an article entitled “ 36 Onesies For The Coolest Baby You Know.” Some highlights include designs featuring Where The Wild Things Are, the California state bear, and perhaps the best one, a black and white silhouette of Bill Murray’s face. The world of baby onesies just got a whole lot cooler with these designs. It is definitely the most entertaining and fun form of baby attire that people of all ages can enjoy.

So, is there a baby in your life that’s cool enough for one of these  onesies? I suppose the real question is simply “Is there a baby in your life?” (Let’s face it, all babies are cool enough for onesies.) They are the originators of onesie style and class and no one wears them better. There is a wide range of onesies to lovingly give that special little infant in your life. From graphics to elegantly designed patterns, there is a onesie world out there that is worth investigating.

Onesies are a typically significant portion of any infant’s wardrobe. They provide convenience for the parent and comfort for the child but what is the history behind them? There is actually a certain misconception that goes along with the “onesie” title. While it is usually used as a generic term for any one piece bodysuit, the term “onesie” is actually a trademark of the American baby product brand Gerber. However, much like Chapstick, “onesie” has become a bit of a catch all term. In fact, Gerber has been a bit of a bully towards others who unknowingly use the term so generically, even freelance designers working from Etsy, by producing written warnings that demand a rephrasing of the vendors items. This not only confuses clientele but makes it harder for hard working small business owners to advertise their items in the world of keywords and Google searches.

This fierce dedication to the term on Gerber’s part would suggest that they in fact invented the onesie, however, this is simply not true. The original onesie was in fact created by Austrian immigrant Walter Artzt in the 1950s (he named his creation BabyGro.) Artzt’s invention preceded Gerber’s trademark by thirty years but unfortunately the name “BabyGro” didn’t catch on quite as much as “Onesie” did (and judging by descriptions of Mr. Artzt he hardly seemed the type to hand out written warnings to small businesses at the drop of a hat.) It will be interesting to see how long these written warnings will pan out in regards to the world’s general acceptance of using the term “onesie” but enough of this political and corporate jabber and onto more important things: where can we find the best baby onesies?

One of the best places to search for onesies is online. You can find such shops easily such as Onesies Central. This site has some of the most creative designs (and as a result some of the funniest ones as well!). Another site is Etsy, they have many products which are produced by independent crafters who hand-make quality items. It is truly a site for those who wish to support artists rather than corporations. Many of these small retailers also offer organic cotton onesies which are both ethically and environmentally cleaner in all respects. If you’re looking to personalize a onesie, many crafters offer this option as well. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to onesies online and it is definitely worth exploring.

If onesie trend has been around since the 1950s, it’s fairly safe to say that it’s not going anywhere. They are convenient, clever, and nothing short of cute which makes it a practical and fun purchase for any child (and parent!) Supporting independent crafters and buying a unique little onesie for that special “cool baby” in your life is the perfect recipe for fashion.