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Mens Onesie

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Onesies, although popular among kids, also come in adult sizes. Mens onesie, for example, are gaining significant notice thanks to the ultracool designs being churned out in retail shops all over the world being worn by a growing number of celebrities. Pulling off this look, however, takes a certain degree of effort. Here are things to consider when it comes to onesies for men.

Find your fit

It would truly be a disaster if you get that which is too tight or too loose. The great thing is that onesie manufacturers have an uncanny sense of how to make one-piece garments work for men since these can be a lot trickier than those popular for women and kids. You would need to try one out before you buy one.

Choose the design

When it comes to design, you wouldn’t want to go all costumey especially if you’d use this for a casual day out. You’d be impressed by how you can style a onesie that would look like matching sweatshirt and pants. It really depends on your creativity and styling know-how. You can ask the store attendant to give you ideas on how to pull this one off because one has to admit, mens onesies can look awkward if not worn right.


Mens onesies can be short or long. The short onesie falls midway calf. The long one reaches right above the ankle. To find your perfect length, it’s truly wise to try out the onesie that you’d want to buy. This way, you’d see if it really goes well on you.

When and where

The thing with mens onesies is that obviously you can’t wear them everywhere at any time unless you have nerves of steel and couldn’t care less what others think. The perfect time for onesies would have to be a casual day out when you’re up and about doing your day’s errands or when you have to go to the gym. While there are stories of those who were brave enough to go against the norm and wore it to a night out or to work, it takes a whole lot of guts to make to pull that off.


Colors, of course, are a big thing for onesies. Popular ones come in bright blues, reds, and brown-and-green camo. The safest way to go is to opt for neutral colors particularly black or gray. The onesie is already a mega fashion statement so you don’t have to go overboard with tints, prints, and shades. Those that would fall under the category of major no-no would be costumey pieces (unless you’re going to a costume party), animal prints, and neon colors.


The best things to go with mens onesies are a great pair of sunglasses and sneakers. It would be unwise to over-accessorize lest you’d end up looking like an unfashionable wannabe hiphop artist gone wrong. Always remember that the onesie is already an eye-catching piece. You don’t have to overdo it with so many things going on. It would also be wise to stay away from boots. You will look unflatteringly bulky if you do so.

Caring for your onesies

The most basic thing to do is for you to know what fabric your onesie is made of. That would tell you the kind of care that you should give your one-piece apparel. Cotton usually usually would need washing with tepid water. Polyester would need a cooler temperature. Make sure that you also use the right detergent or else you’d end up with a stretched or shrunken garment. That would be truly disastrous. What you can do given the importance of taking care of your onesie is to ask the store attendant upon buying it. He/She would know the best way to take care of your onesies.

Love, love, love

Most retail shops credit the uptick of sales of onesiesfor couples who would like to get a matching pair. Now, that’s a truly adorable reason to get one for you and the special woman in your life.

For the bold and the brave

Mens onesies are not for the faint-hearted. You can’t pull the look off without matching confidence. While some would say it would fit a particular physique, this article begs to disagree. If you’ve got the right attitude and find the right style for you, this trend can be for you, too. So start experimenting. You really wouldn’t know the outcome if you haven’t tried.