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When jumpsuits and costumes became popular,  Onesie has made it to the top. Whether it’s for babies, kids or adults, people of all ages see this garb as an all-in-one solution since they are used to keep warm from cold seasons. If you don’t know what to give, these products would be the perfect gift. It comes with different colors, sizes, styles and can be personalized. With a snap, zip, or button, they cover the wearer's body. Some people think that they are all the same, but no, they are different for all age groups.

For Infant’s Comfort

The original purpose of onesie is for the babies to have something to wear. They are used to keep them warm and comfortable because babies cannot withstand the extreme temperature from the outside world. But they don’t cover the full body, unlike the designs made today. During winter months, most infants are found in full body attire to stay warm. While long sleeves work well for winter months, tank and short-sleeves are perfect for summer. They come in pale blue, pink, and white with a funny phrase written on them. Onesies can be worn with layers or can be worn alone. Lion, giraffe and monkey will stand out as utterly and completely adorable designs for babies. Due to their popularity and versatility, they often come in packs of four or five.

For Children’s Wear

For children, the animal onesies are prominent in their wardrobe because they can dress up using their animals. Dogs, panda, bear, deer and dragons appear to be the most favorite animals among the boys. Cats, birds, rabbits and chicken are the most favorite among girls because they look cute, feminine and cheerful.

For Adult’s Fashion Statement

This increasing trend of casual loose-fitting garb is best worn as a sleepwear. But, fashion enthusiast begun to transform this sleepwear into street wear. With the rising popularity of typical jumpsuits, onesie have paved its way into the fashion industry of adults and are considered appropriate clothing for men and women alike. The purpose of adult onesies is totally opposite from the original purpose. It comes with all designs, patterns and sizes – not only from animals, but also from mythical creatures and abstract prints! They are most seen out in the public as giraffe, elephant, dogs, cats, fish, dragon, gorilla, lion, tiger, zebra, monkey, unicorn, and Pikachu designs. The head-to-toe apparel is both unique and comfortable. Due to its popularity, they are constantly purchased during holidays, parties and winter months. These garbs feature roomy hoods, closed feet and thumb loops. They are made of different materials, such as knit cotton, chenille and fleece, but it has been increasingly becoming a fire-resistant material for additional safety and comfort.

The Age of Onesie’s Fashion Trend

We have just seen how fashion trends of all ages go. While we can’t deny the fact that onesie can make you stand out from the crowd, for those who are shy and introverted, this would be the perfect stepping stone for you. This type of clothing is not rare at all since they can be seen from teenagers wearing them at school during special events. They can also be seen on adults wearing them while heading at grocery shops. Admit it! When you see someone wearing one, you are tempted to purchase one too!

The increasing Demands of Onesies

Onesies became the trendiest term on ecommerce online stores. They are in demand than computers, tablets and smartphones. In May, over 150,000 searches were conducted, definitely reached an increase of 200%. In June, the sales jumped by 40% when the east coast in Australia suffered from extreme wet and cold weather. Certainly, this apparel is not only useful in parties, but also during cold seasons.

Trackpants and hoodies play a major part in keeping you warm, but you cannot wear both. This type of apparel was originally designed for infants but has turned into a fashion statement suitable for all ages. Onesie is definitely the biggest "must-have apparel" in 2014 and will continue to do so this year as it serves 2 purposes – to keep you warm and keep you dressed up. Whether you are a child, a teen or an adult, this looks good on you.