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Onesies Australia

Posted by Onesies Central on

Onesies have been taking over the world as of late and it seems to be that Australia is playing a leading role in the quest for comfort. These androgynous one piece jumpsuits depicting various animals and cartoon characters have inspired both high fashion and Australian streetwear. There is some speculation as to whether this craze is just another fad or here to stay. The dedicated wave of Onesies Australia fans are certainly hoping for the latter.

What is the allure behind this fashion trend? Is it merely the comfort of the apparel itself? Many Australians claim that a lot of it has to do with how warm and toasty they are during the winter months. Or perhaps it all has something to do with a validated return to youth. When was the last time dressing up as your favorite animal was acceptable? Before adult onesies came along, the only valid example that comes to mind is Halloween. So maybe beyond the practicality of warmth and the comfort of soft linen, there is an underlying desire to simply feel free and childlike again.

“Are pants cramping your style? Not enough hugs from random strangers this week? You need a onesie! Medically proven to make you more huggable. Let it all hang free on the last day in February for 2013 - it's our dedicated onesie event with all things one for all and all for one,” so says the Facebook event description for the “ONESIE PARTY” held last February in Adelaide. Over 700 people were scheduled to attend. This is perhaps the most entertaining and fun aspect of onesie culture: the festivities. Onesie parties are happening all over the world but in Australia in particular. Who doesn’t want to spend a Saturday night this way? Ditch the excruciating heels and mini dress and just throw on a onesie. It’s guaranteed more fun and more comfortable. What more could you ask for?

Probably the aspect that added the most fuel to this fire is the celebrity promotion of onesies. For example, English model Cara Delevingne told High Fashion Magazine, “I travel with things like my music, a onesie, a favorite Burberry leather jacket.” Clearly comfort is becoming a priority for both celebrities and Aussies alike. An (abridged) list of other stars who have sported onesies include: Lena Dunham, Justin Bieber, the members of One Direction, Hayley Williams, and even Brad Pitt. If onesies are cool enough for Brad Pitt then the rest of the world should probably follow suit.

This is such a surprising and crucial part of the onesie fandom: it is actually being taken seriously by high fashion experts. It is more than just the cute and cuddly animal endeavors. There are in fact many posh and even elegantly styled onesies particular from Norwegian based brand OnePiece. Apart from these rather high class versions of onesies, the style has also been widely promoted in prestigious magazines and worn by very elite fashionistas.

The ever growing popularity of onesies is causing quite a dent in the local market. Many carriers of the garment are finding themselves perpetually sold out, even online on websites such as Onesies Central, for example. The Christmas season was a very hectic time for Australian shop owners who sold onesies as they couldn’t keep up with the demand.

But still the question remains: will the onesie craze last? It is difficult to say. Australians love the onesies for their warmth and comfort throughout winter but will this dedication remain through the heat of summer? That’s for Australia to decide. How much do you love the onesie phenomenon and will you continue to don the comfortable wondersuits through coming summer months?