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What are onesies - or onesie - and where do they originate from? The word "onesies" previously is generally linked only to baby or infant clothing. It is a one piece jumpsuit that keeps the infants warm and comfortable - hence the word onesie (onesies). It comes from the word "one" and suggests a one piece suit or bodysuit. The name might have been originated from a registered trade mark of a US company - Onesies® - by the now Gerber children wear. Gerber is a business in United States who makes childrenwear and clothing line for babies, including apparels. However the term is now commonly used to identify a one-piece suit, not just for children but also for adults. There are now even onesies made for animals. Onesies are also sometimes known as jumpsuit, onesie, bodysuit, one piece suit, snapsuit, infant creeper or baby crawler.

Onesies are probably the most comfortable and warm piece of outfit you could put on for yourself and your kids. They are their body to keep them warm and cosy. Even famous celebrities have been spotted numerous times wearing a cool and sporty looking onesies, which adds to the rise of the fame of onesies as a fashion style or trend. This includes celebrities such as Beyonce, Brad Pitt and Rihanna. Onesies are even now sometimes worn to a party or a thematic event, not just for homewear. This is especially true in countries like United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. It is not as popular in North America or United States though. Onesies are said to be one the most popular Christmas gifts in United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand during the 2012 Christmas. With the recent surge in popularity and also celebrity endorsements, onesies are quickly become one of the latest fashion trends particularly in these countries.

Onesies come in different sizes, themes and colours. There are normally four sizes available for the onesies wear: Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L) and Extra Large (XL). They are pretty much available in all the popular colours. The most famous theme for onesies are animal themes, such as Dragon, Bear, rabbit, Cat, Dog, Giraffe, Lion etc. You should choose a onesie style based on your needs. If you plan to wear onesies just at home, might be best to choose just the plain ones as they are lower in cost. However for special occasions, such as going to a party or giong traveling, you might opt to shop for something more fancy in terms of colour, theme, make etc.

Where to Buy Onesies

Just like wedding dresses or formal dresses, the easiest place to buy a onesie is at a onesies online shop. There are many size/type/theme/make available with various prices and benefits. Onesies come in huge selection of options for practically anyone. Thereare onesies for newborn, babies or infants, onesies for ladies, onesies for men, onesies for kids and also teenagers. Some online shop even sell onesies for animals for the pet lovers. It is very easy to order onesies from a trusted online shop, just by few clicks you could have your chosen onesies shipped to you in the next few days. They will pack your orders and the shipping process should only take a few days.

There are some pointers that you need to be aware of in choosing a onesie:

Who is it for: Are you buying onesies for an adult, a teenager, a toddler, a baby or even an animal? Different purposes of onesies provide different options to choose from. There are unisex baby onesies, short sleeve onesies, baby onesies, kids onesies, onesies for baby girls, or any other onesies you could think of. You should be able to search for the onesies that you need on the online shop.

Design: There are many onesies brand available. Most onesies come with hood, but there are also some hoodless onesies. You can also find onesies for summer wear, onesies for fancy costume wear, cute onesies, thermal onesies, onesies hoodie, onesies dresses, onesies for the slimmer/bulkier people. A few adult onesies include some unique functions which may or may not an issue to you. For example, few include gloves or mittens, some with side or front pockets, socks, hoodies or various kinds of buttons. Many event or costume-themed adult onesies include unique design functions that may appeal to you like tails or even ears. Consider just how ideas such as hoodies and pockets are to you to ensure the onesie includes such before buying.

Material: The material of a onesie will determine how comfy and warm it will make you feel. You can choose your preferred material such as fleece or cotton. Think also about the washing and reusability before deciding on your option.

Theme: One of the most fun aspect in choosing a onesie to buy is choosing the theme. There are many themes available for every kind of group from infants to adults. You would want to choose the coolest onesies for your needs.

Maintenance: If you are going to wear the onesie regularly, make sure you choose a machine-wash friendly onesie. Of course this is not an issue if you are going to hand-wash your onesie. You would probably also get the higher quality onesies if you are going to wear it more often.

Size: Last but not least, after you have chosen your material, design and theme, you would need to choose the right size for your onesies order. Make sure to ask the merchant the measurement of each size (S,M,L,XL) if you are not sure whether it will fit you. Sizes do normally vary between manufacturers, so it is best to find out beforehand the correct size for your fit before placing an order. This is also to avoid the hassle of returns and refunds in the future should the onesie size is not what you expect.

These are some helpful pointers that will help you in choosing your onesies. Just like when you do your other shopping, make sure you do your homework before ordering. You probably want to make sure that you order your onesies from a trusted onesies online clothing store and asks clearly of any questions you have in advance before placing an order.